Friday, September 4, 2009

All Things French (the food post)

In writing about Bonne Maman jars in my last post, I realized I had not blogged about how I like all things French (of what I've experienced of France).

It may be sad to hear, but my culinary experiences in France do not include any expensive multi-course meals or special quisine. We get excited about things like Bonne Maman tartlets--which we recently found at a large grocery store here in Portugal. Yes, this is an empty box!

We are thankful our grocery stores here carry the yummy jams too. It was the only brand we found that had an affordable peach preserve in Germany. When we were driving through France on our way to Portugal, I had a chance to peruse a French grocery store. Bonne Maman is not limited to jams and tarts! Here are yogurts and puddings:

Have you ever tasted a French macaroon? I didn't even know what they were on our first trip to France. Such pretty little cookies, kind of like soft flavored meringues with cream in the middle. Check out this macaroon store display:

I can't not mention the amazing breads and pastries! We are headed for the boulangeries and patisseries as soon as we cross the border!

The next picture shows what kind of food we really eat in France when you have kids in tow. The French take their bread seriously enough to offer a Big Mac on whole grain buns--sort of a nutrition oxymoron, huh?
Well, it seems the focus was on food (Does that say something about me? Can't throw away those years of studying food and nutrition!). Maybe the next time I'll get to French flea markets, French linens and pottery, ...or great ways to see sights in France. Love it all!


  1. I love the focus on food...and everything you posted...yum, what a treat. I hope we'll be able to get out there one day too.

  2. Those macaroon's look delicious!

  3. did y'all just go to france? you make me want to go right now :)

  4. You should try madeleines from Bonne Maman (Good Mother). Delicious !

    French online



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