Friday, August 28, 2009

Scarring News

I had a hard one to swallow today--something that is somewhat silly to be concerned about. The really friendly English speaking nurse told me that our girls would need tuberculosis vaccinations to be up to date with vaccines in Portugal. I had to ask, "That's the one that leaves the scar?" Yes.

My internal response has been interesting. My flesh rises to say, "They wouldn't need that if they lived in America," and "Oh, how I don't want their nice skin to get such a scar!" But I know that this is one of those ways we choose to lay down what we want when we agree to follow what we feel called to. I know this is really NOT a big deal, it just feels like it at the moment. I trust my Father that He knows what is best for them.

And I certainly want them to be protected from such a disease. I had to take the antibiotics for TB for 9 months after I had a new positive skin test back when I was working--not any fun to be checked monthly at the health department. Looking at the internet, I am reminded at how devastating this disease can be (how can I forget all those videos they made us watch back in our internship and at work inservices?).

Anyway, thanks for reading. It's nice to share it with you.


  1. Jenni, thank you for sharing your triumphs as well as your struggles. It helps those of us at home to know how to pray for you, and we will be praying about this - praying that God will give you peace and ease your mind about this decision. These things are never easy for us moms - trying to make the right decisions for our kids. Thankfully, we have someone to lean on who is infinitely more in love with our children than even we are. May His peace reassure you and comfort you!

  2. To be honest, I would have to say (as a mother and with a young daughter), that would probably be my first internal response too. It's definitely encouraging to know we can look to God for comfort and wisdom in all things...both big and small. We'll be praying (Phil 4:6-7).

  3. I can certainly see how this would be a hard thing to swallow as a mom. My first thought would be the same, hating that they had to experience it and bear the scar. As I was reading your post though, I suddenly thought of a different perspective.

    When your girls are older and they look at the scar on their arm, they will remember growing up in Portugal, being a source of refreshing and encouragement to missionaries overseas. I believe that God can use this later in their life as a sweet reminder of their growing up years.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today! :-)



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